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What’s Next on Wadazine #17 ?

February 17, 2022

Now things are getting better! The year is starting but the Wadazine doesn’t seem to appear… but don’t panic! We are still working, even if slowly, we are going for sure. Our next issue comes loaded with glorious Doom content; full of different articles by our great contributors, this issue will also celebrate the love and passion for this saga, through the celebration of the Wadazine Awards 2021.

The Wadazine Awards is our way of sharing a little bit of passion through the awarding of different community contributors. The main focus is, in general, the community, with emphasis on the writers and map creators. Our goal is to give them a spotlight where we shine a light on their wonderful contributions, showing a kind of thanks to all those great content creators who deserve a standing ovation. The community is full of great characters, who have worked for decades to give love and content to this game, from all its types and ramifications.

With the Wadazine Awards, we hope that our passion is big enough to make our award winners smile and feel satisfied that their work has not been ignored. It is our goal that they receive a place in the historical archives of this community.

Now, so that you are not left with dry mouths, here is the content you can expect in our next issue:

  • Console Doom Chronicles 3DO
  • Eight Megabytes or Bust (Cramming D64 onto a N64 cartidge)
  • Shadows of Chronos
  • Scimitar
  • Visa to the Stars
  • Insertion
  • Grove
  • DBP27 10 Day Vacation
  • Arrowhead DM Reviews Column
  • Multiplayer Doom Part 2 Feat. Xenaero
  • Wadazine Podcast
  • Wadazine Awards

Wait for it and you’ll get a great edition to start this year!