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  • The WadaCast is an sporadic podcast show about anything and everything related to Doom and all of its wonders. This show is an ongoing project that aims to bring you the best audible quality episodes possible to fulfill your Doom needs. From WAD retrospectives to broad topics about the historical impact of the game. The WadaCast wants to give you the best and the most diverse content out there, with your host, Endless, and a plethora of guest stars and co-hosts.

There are three main programs:

  • The WadaCast: The flagship series where we discuss Doom in the most general sense. This programs talks about anything that has to do with Doom from a more panoramic point of view: its historical impact, influence, reach, development, famous programmers, and so on. It’s also a podcast show that wants to expand beyond classic Doom and bring you content from all its corners around its fascinating spin-offs and the like.
  • The Doom Master: A program focused on the faces and personalites of the Doom community. This show is an analysis and commentary feature that studies and showcases the individuals that have made this community so great: Map makers, authors, modders, reviewers, community pillars, etc.
  • The WAD Master: This program is themed around map analysis and WAD deep-dives, both as a reviewing program and a showcase of its impact and qualities.

Episode list:

Episode 0: Pilot

The Doom Master:

The WAD Master: