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General Formatting Rules:

  1. Font style and font size are not big deal, so feel free to use something standard.
  2. Please, don’t make line breaks or double spaces.
  3. Paragraphs breaks are okay and look good when used correctly.
  4. When sending images, send them both in your document to illustrate where you want them (in other words, a template where the image should be) and also send them on a separate file (.rar or zip of preference) for better resolution and quality.
  5. Hyperlinks don’t hurt, but please, do paste the link next to the text, example: Doomwiki (
  6. Always send at least 3 images for all your articles or reviews. We like to illustrate!
  7. No ellipses or ligatures.
  8. We recommend you to use quotes and screenshots captions (Like this).
  9. Coloring coding is a pain in the ass. Avoid it.
  10. You can put notes for the editors in brackets and caps lock: [LIKE THIS]
  11. The bigger your article is, the more pics. 2-3 feature images per page.
  12. Send your submission preferably in a Word format, like .docx.
  13. And always ask for help if needed.

Article Submission Rules:

  1. Between 1200 words minimum to 6000 words max. If you feel that it goes bigger, ask permission first.
  2. Always illustrate. (See General Formatting Rules for how to.)
  3. One single column, which is your standard writing format.
  4. It has to be Doom related. If it goes a little out of topic, ask permission first.
  5. Try to use links if you can for sources or subjects. Example, if you are talking about a map author, use a link to his targeted Doomwiki page or personal page. This helps promote their work and make them a little bit know, as well as working as an information source. (See General Formatting Rules for how to format links.)
  6. Use bold and italic when needed.
  7. Don’t forget to put your name under the title of the article, at the beginning of the page.

WAD Recommendations/Reviews Rules:

  1. Between 300 words minimum to 600 words max.
  2. Always illustrate with at least 4 screenshots. The more the better.
  3. Put the images in the place where you want them as a template for editors. If you want.
  4. Put the images in a separate file in high quality and send them separately.
  5. All kinds of WADs are allowed except for Terrywads or purposely tasteless WADs.
  6. These are recommendations, so they must be positive or/and interesting reviews.
  7. Obligatory: When making the recommendation, the title order should be like this: WAD title (download link) Author name. (WAD Date)
  8. At the end of the recommendation/review, please put your name/nickname.

Read the rules? Now you can submit your articles directly to Endless! For that, join the Discord server and contact him.

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