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Other projects

Other events the Wadazine has done.

The Doom Master Wadazine began to expand beyond its literary theme to offer a wider scope for all its fans; from multiplayer gaming events to competitions and even an awards gala. These are some of the other projects or events we have done. Some of them are no longer active, unfortunately.

Wadazine Survival Sessions

Weekly event where members of the community and guests throw ourselves against a map set in the hope of surviving as far as we can. Games usually last from 1 hour to 6 hours. With 3 lives and only in Ultra-Violence, endurance, patience and skill are put to the test. The ultimate goal: to survive Doom! Currently inactive.

Wadazine Deathmatch Madness

The ultimate Doom experience is not complete if you have never felt the adrenaline rush of being in the arena for the supremacy of the frags. WDM is a weekly event where we throw ourselves against each other in a brutal FFA deathmatch event. We pick a WAD for the event and play between 10 to 16 maps and whoever has the most total frags at the end of the map wins! This event was also the first to have a semi-professional platform with a ranked system and even organized tournaments. Currently inactive.

The DWMaster Endurance Tournament

Inspired by Doomworld’s Ironman challenges, the Endurance Tour was a monthly event where the most hardcore Doom players fought for supremacy in a competition of speed, patience and endurance. The goal was simple: Play as much as you can on any difficulty you want. Ultimately the scoring system was based on speed, difficulty and time played. It was a test of pure endurance where only the toughest would come out on top. Currently inactive.

Wadazine Flag Fest

A new fantastical multiplayer event promoted by the Wadazine, the Flag Fest event! As the name implies, this event is centered around the all-mighty Capture-the-Flag mode, a classic game mode that’s been around since the golden days. An event of pure adrenaline and teamwork, multiplied by 3 thanks to the sheer beauty that Doom is. In this event, 2 teams will go against each other and see how many wins they can nail by capturing the limit of flags first, or having the highest number of flags captured once the timer runs out. You know it! The usual drill of the classic red vs blue, now in Doom fashion.

Designed by elend

The Wadazine Awards

To celebrate the spirit of Doom and join in holy slaughter, uh, I mean, celebration! This is an annual event where the Wadazine imparts its love for the community in a specialized awards gala around our themes. This is still going and we’re excited to see what we will bring this new year. The theme is usually to give awards to the best of the best of the year, with the categories being the following:

KMXEXII Honorary Awards: A special recognition dedicated to a lifetime achievement of literary contributions. This award is given to members who are pillars in propagating the community’s literary space through reviews, articles, lists, comments, blogs, documentaries, books, essays, etc.

Master Scroll Award: Like a nobel award for best book! But in this case, best write-up for Doom.

Master Crown Award: This is the best ”mapper” of the year award; it goes towards the coolest of the cool, artists that give new life to Doom.