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Wadazine Master Collection

A new project, a new theme, a new hell, a new fight!

A mapping project created by members of the Doom Master Wadazine community. The WMC is an upcoming mapping community and team-made Doom project focused on delivering different sporadic themed WADs that follow a certain selected visual and presentation theme.

These are map sets created by the Wadazine Cult, a team of hellish mappers that are also part of the Wadazine community. Lead by Mistress Remilia and produced by Endless, these projects aim to bring new and unique life into the mapping scene by creating fantastical projects themed around unique, fun and beautiful themes.

A Doom 3 themed mapset of 6 GZDoom-compatible maps.

WMC01: The Rising

Welcoming a new era, the rise of a project from the depths of a forgotten hell. The Wadazine Master Collection is a community project done by the members and supporters of the Wadazine community, as well as some other guests. The goal is to have at least 6 maps that follow the previously mentioned rules.

Starting things off, we’ve decided to select a not-so-common theme to represent our first project. A challenge that shall make the Doom 3 textures come to life once more, creating an atmosphere of utter despair that only Doom can create. A Mars tech-base, an underground hellish lab, a cave filled with wires, pipes and blood, or maybe a Mars sanctum. Doom 3 textures open and entire plethora of possibilities.

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A Thy Flesh Consumed inspired mapset of 13 Limit-removing maps.

WMC02: Thy Flesh Vored

Everyone trembles at the sound of its name. Everyone remembers those distant memories of sleepless nights trying to achieve victory. Countless deaths are forgotten in ancient corners. Rivers of blood overflow to give way to oceans of curse. Your flesh is consumed by sin itself. Trapped in marble fortresses, surrounded by hellish castles, deep in gothic hells and exiled in a world of gore. This is Thy Flesh Vored, a project inspired by the dreaded E4 of Ultimate Doom, and one that is coming for your flesh. Hand it over.

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A dark tech-base with nature inspired mapset in the works.

WMC03: Biophilia

Worlds of darkness hidden among tech-bases that harbor primordial secrets. Biophilia is an ode to the blackness of the night, to the forests of the ancients, to the forgotten gods and to a life of secrets among the darkness. Where once there was progress, now only the bones of a lost science remain. Tech-bases surrounded by forests, outposts in the middle of the night, caves that hide the eyes of the beast, secret bases lost among the trees, etc. This is Biophilia, the fear, the love… to live in eternal darkness.

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