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What’s next on Wadazine #15?

October 18, 2021

That’s a WIP cover by the way. The month of October is almost over and the date for the Wadazine delivery is approaching, and not only that, Halloween is also coming, and we hope to celebrate it with our fans with a great delivery that we hope you all like. Now, as a little preview of what’s to come, here I’ll talk about the future content, without revealing too much, to keep the surprise!

  • Over 13 WAD recommendations! All kinds of awesome stuff to play.
  • 5+ articles about the beauty of Doom, including D64, Console Doom and WAD History articles.
  • A short-tale for this Halloween season.
  • More Wadarcheology.
  • Creepy WADs for you to play this spooky october.
  • An special Master Recommendation.
  • An epic interview with decino!

And of course, the usual stuff like our Pictures Gallery and Newstuff Guide. This issue comes loaded with fantastic content, and it’s one that I’m quite pleased to have worked with the fans thanks to their great consistency and sweet enthusiasm. It’s a pretty big issue that proves, once again, that Doom has content to die for, and fans are more than willing to help out on these cool projects, all with the simple desire to contribute to this burning passion. We hope you enjoy this edition once it hits the airwaves, and of course, that you use it as your #1 Doom companion to enhance your Doom experience a hundredfold. Stay tuned for when it comes out!