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What’s Endless doing?

October 6, 2021.

Hello doomers! This is a little blogpost to kill some time if you are interested in finding out what that particular individual who calls himself the Endless is up to right now. Well here you will see the answers!

Possibly many have noticed that I’ve been a bit distanced from the community and there hasn’t been much movement on my part, something I don’t usually do since it’s well known that I always have something under my hand, hehe. This is because unfortunately, real life has not been very supportive of me and I find myself in a very hard stage that takes a lot of time, energy and peace from me. Particularly college; I am nearing the end of the year and I am in finals, however, due to the online classes caused by quarantine, college has become a house of torture that consumes my time in a tedious manner. This has discouraged me, and lately I have not been able to share as much time with you guys as I would like. As I write this, I should be studying for my final exams, but here I am.

On the other hand, I’ve also been a bit burned out on Doom, partly because real life leaves me with little desire to sit down at the computer and do anything that requires attention and active focus on my part. Writing gets tiring when you spend 50% of your time writing for assignments and homework only. However, that doesn’t mean I haven’t done anything Doom-related. I’m working on a couple of articles in particular and I’m excited to say that at the moment, this is what I’m working on for the next edition of the Wadazine:

  • Different WADs reviews for the next Wadazine.
  • An article focused on the scariest moments of the Doom saga.
  • Part 2 of Wadarcheology and a 90s CD style compilation of the first 100 WADs along with a guide.
  • A great interview with the legendary decino!
  • And the conceptualization of a future novel that I would like to give to the community for this december, however, I might not be able to finish it in time due to college, so no promises.

As you can see, I’m still working and trying to give as much as I can for this next edition. Sorry if I haven’t been as active as before, but I’m still alive and kicking!