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What’s next on Wadazine #14?

September 10th, 2021

The time is approaching and the deadline is here, but what about the Wadazine? Fear not, dear readers, we haven’t gone anywhere, and in fact, this time we should have already finished with the design and editing work, but we are slowed down a bit due to a particular handful of articles of considerable size, because this time, we may have in our hands the biggest edition of the Doom Master Wadazine so far!

Issue #14 will contain a huge amount of articles, reviews, recommendations, interviews, screenshots and much more. You’ll find articles as deep as entertaining, and some great WADs recommendations that I’m sure you’ll enjoy a lot. In this little blog, I’ll give you a preview of what’s to come so you won’t be disappointed, dear doomer. I’m sure you’ll love this issue!

9+ WAD reviews with full HD quality and amazing layouts.

A large crowd of reviewers have gathered to bring you the best of the best from the community in the form of WADs and fantastic reviews. The best guide you can find for deciding what to play. Among the recommendations you will find:

  • Villa Of Pain
  • Base Ganymede
  • WMC02
  • Deadly Standards
  • Back to Saturn X Episode 1
  • Beta 14 for Doom 64
  • The Mean Green 2
  • Unbeliever for Heretic
  • DBP22: Biotech is Godzilla
  • And much more, including Newstuff Guide and a super hot WAD Master Recommendation!

6+ Doom articles related to different fields.

Nothing entertains us more than WADs, but after that, nothing educates us more than articles about the deep and fascinating history of Doom. This issue brings with it a deep and well-designed collection of articles on everything from console-ports to interviews with respected programmers and members in the community. Also included in this issue, is one of our biggest articles to date, a surprise that some retro lovers will surely enjoy! This edition will include:

  • Doom Wadarcheology
  • Doom Retro & Brad Harding interview
  • SNES Doom
  • Icarus Web, the ”first” Doom e-zine
  • Maximum Pain: Interview with Kes Gaming
  • Roebloz’s Console DOOM Chronicles

And much more to come!

  • Newstuff on Doomworld List
  • Pictures Gallery
  • Art Submissions
  • New puzzles
  • Cool ads