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Our new endeavor! The


August 20th, 2021

For the surprise of the century, we have a great announcement to make, obviously. We now have our own website! After about a year, several months of planning, delivery and discussions on how to do this, we ended up doing it in less than a day!

The creation of this website is a way to present our efforts as a collective effort dedicated to sharing the love of Doom. Before this we were hosted on different sites that offered us, free of charge and awesomely, a home. Now, thanks to the efforts of many, we have managed to achieve this goal and can have our own independent website, and the best part, it looks really cool. I have to give a thousand thanks to Nikoxenos, who was personally in charge of making this dream come true. Thanks a lot, man!

And as a little introduction for the newbies: What is the Doom Master Wadazine?

We are a digital magazine, community effort and team, specially dedicated to share the magnificent community and offical content of the fantastic videogame: Doom, this includes its complete saga and wonders, but with a special and nostalgic focus on Classic Doom.

We aim at a classic 90s feel, showing a diversity of articles that range from WAD reviews, in-depth articles, Doom trivia, interviews with famous authors, unique presentations, lists of WADs, guides, charts, joke ads, parodies and more! All Doom-related, with love, passion and lots of effort. We work for the community and with the community. At large, this is a volunteer enterprise, where doomers are welcome to share with us their stories, their articles, their reviews, and more. We, of course, have a simple set of guidelines that must be followed, but for simplicity sake, I can resume it as: Anything cool and Doom-related is welcome!

Our efforts aren’t exclusive to the magazine world, we also host a variety of interesting Doom projects too! From sporadic multiplayer events with friends, to some on-going WAD discussion long-term projects, like our Wadarcheology project dedicated to rediscovering classic WADs, or our ER/iWA event, for those who wish to explore the deep world of Doom mapping history, and of course, the Wadazine Master Collection (WMC) our on set of community mapping projects. We have plenty of stuff and things to share with all kinds of Doom lovers. And we hope you enjoy all our work here! Now, go play some Doom and read the Wadazine, your best Doom companion!